Friday, 26 July 2019

The process

Well, I've been on a self discover journey lately and in any journey things don't turn out as planned.
Self discovery is a path that brings out your soul's purpose but it also digs out the things you don't want to see, some people call it demons and everybody has their own personal different ones.
You can live your life blindfolded and oblivious to your true calling or your path of happiness simply by hiding...

There is a process in this journey:
- Uncomfortableness: you become aware something is wrong and you can't really tell what it is so you feel confused.
- Awareness: you dig in deep and become aware of what is bothering you
- Pain: now that you are aware you start to face your demons and pain emerges and it becomes conscious
- Healing: now that you become aware and faced your demons, you consciously need your wounds to heal. That takes time, patience and lots of self-care.
- Action: now is the time to make the changes needed in your life. Discipline, patience and awareness play a big part.

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