Friday, 12 July 2019

My inner world for today

Where is my inner world?
What does it say?
Do we listen to our voice inside?

Everyone has their own life, their own thoughts, their own desires, and their individual soul...
So far I am not telling you anything new.
Our own life, for the majority of us, occurs in the outside world as we have bills to pay, loved ones to care, annoying bosses to deal, the government screwing us up the arse, stupid people to confront, a place to stay etc...

There is no other possibility but to face what life has put in front of us, the best we can.
Our mind is very important and it has the role of asking us questions but do not get tricked because it has the power of confusing you more creating endless scenarios that probably won't come to fruition.

People with overactive minds can often have anxiety and depression because mental activity is so strong that it overloads the system.
I had anxiety and depression, and I don't know if I still do.
Many people think that this mental health condition is a sign of laziness or weakness when it is not.
You constantly remember and relive the past and you constantly worry and try to fully control a future of which you have no major control.
I am not saying that you can't build your future,  that you can't visualize your future, what I am saying is that just because you run over different types of futures in your head constantly it will become real.

You can create your future, but and my old friend and master Antonio would say... it is a co-creation.
You create it in your mind's eye, visualize it and part of i is done.
You work towards your goal and another part of it is done.
Now let the Universe do its job and allow you or not to create your future...

You ask me why are things that you want a lot, that you worked really hard to get and they don't happen. Either is a business, a relationship, more money, change or maintenance in your life...
They might not happen  because of many reasons:

  • What you want  is not good for you
  • It is not the right time
  • You have more lessons to learn before you can reach it
  • It's not part of the bigger plan
  • It is not aligned with your purpose on this earth.
This is where your inner world comes into play...

What is your inner world?
It is simply your soul's calling.
Some of you might believe in a soul and some might not. Not my problem.
The fact that a body has a soul is what makes it alive otherwise it is just a complex system of cells...
The inner voice you hear and that is full of love comes from your soul.
There is one voice that you hear that criticizes you and puts you down and that is not your soul, that is something ingrained in your mind that is there to make you fail.
Your inner world is where true change starts and makes the outside world happen.

Do you have doubts?
I have been on a path for many years to find myself and I had my doubts because life didn't go the way I planned and I thought it was bullshit.
Life made me see, the hard way that you first have to have an intention,  feel what you want inside and then you might have your bright future.
I am going even deeper, many spiritual gurus believe that this mix will allow you to achieve the future you want but they are forgetting a key area. What are the lessons you need to learn first? What Karma do you have?
First of all, I don't believe that just because you have Karma you can't achieve something, that needs to be worked on and you can overcome it. That is one of the main reasons you are here to overcome your past and your limitations.
Once you have overcome those lessons, that is where intent and visualization play a great part and you set the wheels in motion for the Universe to do its part.

My inner world for today is set on overcoming my mind and heal.

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