Friday, 26 July 2019

The process

Well, I've been on a self discover journey lately and in any journey things don't turn out as planned.
Self discovery is a path that brings out your soul's purpose but it also digs out the things you don't want to see, some people call it demons and everybody has their own personal different ones.
You can live your life blindfolded and oblivious to your true calling or your path of happiness simply by hiding...

There is a process in this journey:
- Uncomfortableness: you become aware something is wrong and you can't really tell what it is so you feel confused.
- Awareness: you dig in deep and become aware of what is bothering you
- Pain: now that you are aware you start to face your demons and pain emerges and it becomes conscious
- Healing: now that you become aware and faced your demons, you consciously need your wounds to heal. That takes time, patience and lots of self-care.
- Action: now is the time to make the changes needed in your life. Discipline, patience and awareness play a big part.

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Long, lone path

My life feels like a long, lone path.
I have loved ones that try and hold my hand on the way up the mountain but ultimately is up to me.
I try and struggle with my mind and boots going up that rocky mountain and it feels hard.

I am starting to embrace the pain that i call a friend now. It is a teacher, the most misunderstood one. The more you fear it, the more it will hurt you. The more you embrace it, the easier it is.
There is no easy way out, there are no shortcuts, there is only hope that often seems to be fading every time I close my eyes.
Hope is not palpable, it comes from the heart and often the mind tries to ignore it and throws scenarios at you just to make you confused.

All I can do is keep walking forward as much as the inner suffering tries to drag me back. Fighting, loving, accepting and embracing what's inside of you is one of the most difficult things you'll ever have but it's up to you.

It's a long, lone path...

Friday, 12 July 2019

My inner world for today

Where is my inner world?
What does it say?
Do we listen to our voice inside?

Everyone has their own life, their own thoughts, their own desires, and their individual soul...
So far I am not telling you anything new.
Our own life, for the majority of us, occurs in the outside world as we have bills to pay, loved ones to care, annoying bosses to deal, the government screwing us up the arse, stupid people to confront, a place to stay etc...

There is no other possibility but to face what life has put in front of us, the best we can.
Our mind is very important and it has the role of asking us questions but do not get tricked because it has the power of confusing you more creating endless scenarios that probably won't come to fruition.

People with overactive minds can often have anxiety and depression because mental activity is so strong that it overloads the system.
I had anxiety and depression, and I don't know if I still do.
Many people think that this mental health condition is a sign of laziness or weakness when it is not.
You constantly remember and relive the past and you constantly worry and try to fully control a future of which you have no major control.
I am not saying that you can't build your future,  that you can't visualize your future, what I am saying is that just because you run over different types of futures in your head constantly it will become real.

You can create your future, but and my old friend and master Antonio would say... it is a co-creation.
You create it in your mind's eye, visualize it and part of i is done.
You work towards your goal and another part of it is done.
Now let the Universe do its job and allow you or not to create your future...

You ask me why are things that you want a lot, that you worked really hard to get and they don't happen. Either is a business, a relationship, more money, change or maintenance in your life...
They might not happen  because of many reasons:

  • What you want  is not good for you
  • It is not the right time
  • You have more lessons to learn before you can reach it
  • It's not part of the bigger plan
  • It is not aligned with your purpose on this earth.
This is where your inner world comes into play...

What is your inner world?
It is simply your soul's calling.
Some of you might believe in a soul and some might not. Not my problem.
The fact that a body has a soul is what makes it alive otherwise it is just a complex system of cells...
The inner voice you hear and that is full of love comes from your soul.
There is one voice that you hear that criticizes you and puts you down and that is not your soul, that is something ingrained in your mind that is there to make you fail.
Your inner world is where true change starts and makes the outside world happen.

Do you have doubts?
I have been on a path for many years to find myself and I had my doubts because life didn't go the way I planned and I thought it was bullshit.
Life made me see, the hard way that you first have to have an intention,  feel what you want inside and then you might have your bright future.
I am going even deeper, many spiritual gurus believe that this mix will allow you to achieve the future you want but they are forgetting a key area. What are the lessons you need to learn first? What Karma do you have?
First of all, I don't believe that just because you have Karma you can't achieve something, that needs to be worked on and you can overcome it. That is one of the main reasons you are here to overcome your past and your limitations.
Once you have overcome those lessons, that is where intent and visualization play a great part and you set the wheels in motion for the Universe to do its part.

My inner world for today is set on overcoming my mind and heal.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

What to decide when you don't feel like yourself

What to decide when you don't feel like yourself...
As a Libra I have a natural inability to make decisions.
Every decision has to be weighted, thought and carefully deliberated.
The problem is that many decisions come from the mind and if the mind is foggy no good decisions can come from it.
The other way, and the best way, that decisions can come is through your intuition but when you don't feel like yourself and you feel confused how can you distinguish confused thoughts with intuition?
Simply not deciding doesn't make your life any easier if you are not a patient person or anxious...

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Change V2

Starting a post with a V2 option means that you had a V1 somewhere down the line... Let's be honest I had many changes in my life, this is just another one that I decided to call V2 just for the readers to know I am not a baby blogger...

What is the change?
For more detailed please check the dictionary, but for real life, true change is when you turn your world upside down and hope, unrealistically that nothing will fall down. I got news for you, everything will fall down.
Everything you took for granted and believed in will fall down. There will be pain, uncertainty, fear and all the things your mind puts in front of you to make your process seem more daunting than it is... You will find that the ground you step on is no longer firm, the people you surround yourself are no longer the same, the stability you thought existed is nothing but a mere illusion.
It is not the whole world around you that has changed, it is you and the perception you have of the world that has changed.
The world around you might have changed, but the true change comes from inside.
If you close your eyes all you see is darkness nonetheless when you open it the world is back.
When you change the world becomes a different place and process doesn't come without losses or pain but it will help you grow in the sarcastic and twisted way that only the Universe knows how to.
As humans, we don't really understand it... 

What does it involve?
What doesn't it involve?
True change involves a mix of emotions, losses, gains, and death.
Death of things or people and the death of who you were.
It may involve changes in all of your surroundings or your loved ones.
The main change is within, the perception you have of your reality.
It will shake the foundations you thought were safe and will bring your belief of what is real into its knees.
When despair comes in and you truly surrender to the change and accept the imminent death that is when the light in the sky shines upon your face and you know that you are born into someone new.

How much will it cost you?
It depends on how big is the change.
The more you bet on it, the more you will lose and the double you will gain.
If it is a relationship that no longer is doing well and you want to change, the Universe will show you how it feels to live alone or will guide you to a new one that will teach you another lesson.
If it is a job, it means that the old will no longer serve you and it will bring fear of uncertainty and how to pay our bills but it is there for a reason.
If it is money,  it will make you re-adapt and find out ways to survive with what you have shedding layers of your material possessions.
If it is the death of a loved one, probably the most painful of it all, the Universe will teach you pain and how to be able to cope without their love and their presence.
If it is within you, it will change everything, you will have a new pair of eyes and a new body and you will erase whatever is in your life that no longer serves you.

It is hard, painful and misunderstood by us. It is needed because we live on this Earth and this is the way that humans learn about themselves.