Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Change V2

Starting a post with a V2 option means that you had a V1 somewhere down the line... Let's be honest I had many changes in my life, this is just another one that I decided to call V2 just for the readers to know I am not a baby blogger...

What is the change?
For more detailed please check the dictionary, but for real life, true change is when you turn your world upside down and hope, unrealistically that nothing will fall down. I got news for you, everything will fall down.
Everything you took for granted and believed in will fall down. There will be pain, uncertainty, fear and all the things your mind puts in front of you to make your process seem more daunting than it is... You will find that the ground you step on is no longer firm, the people you surround yourself are no longer the same, the stability you thought existed is nothing but a mere illusion.
It is not the whole world around you that has changed, it is you and the perception you have of the world that has changed.
The world around you might have changed, but the true change comes from inside.
If you close your eyes all you see is darkness nonetheless when you open it the world is back.
When you change the world becomes a different place and process doesn't come without losses or pain but it will help you grow in the sarcastic and twisted way that only the Universe knows how to.
As humans, we don't really understand it... 

What does it involve?
What doesn't it involve?
True change involves a mix of emotions, losses, gains, and death.
Death of things or people and the death of who you were.
It may involve changes in all of your surroundings or your loved ones.
The main change is within, the perception you have of your reality.
It will shake the foundations you thought were safe and will bring your belief of what is real into its knees.
When despair comes in and you truly surrender to the change and accept the imminent death that is when the light in the sky shines upon your face and you know that you are born into someone new.

How much will it cost you?
It depends on how big is the change.
The more you bet on it, the more you will lose and the double you will gain.
If it is a relationship that no longer is doing well and you want to change, the Universe will show you how it feels to live alone or will guide you to a new one that will teach you another lesson.
If it is a job, it means that the old will no longer serve you and it will bring fear of uncertainty and how to pay our bills but it is there for a reason.
If it is money,  it will make you re-adapt and find out ways to survive with what you have shedding layers of your material possessions.
If it is the death of a loved one, probably the most painful of it all, the Universe will teach you pain and how to be able to cope without their love and their presence.
If it is within you, it will change everything, you will have a new pair of eyes and a new body and you will erase whatever is in your life that no longer serves you.

It is hard, painful and misunderstood by us. It is needed because we live on this Earth and this is the way that humans learn about themselves.

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